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I hereby certify that the hours shown were worked by me during the week ending shown above, and were properly certified by an authorized representative of the named company at the bottom hereof. I understand I am to contact NVT Staffing's office after completing the assignment to determine if there is other work available for me. I agree that if I do not contact NVT Staffing upon completion of an assignment they can assume I am not available.
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It is agreed that the Client company will not permit NVT Staffing employees to operate automotive or truck equipment without prior written consent from NVT Staffing. It is agreed that NVT Staffing shall not be liable for any bodily injuries, loss or damage caused by the operation of the Client company's machinery, vehicles, automobiles, or trucks by NVT Staffing employees. It is agreed that the Client company shall accept full responsibility for bodily injury, property damage, fire, theft, collision or public liability damage claims while a NVT Staffing employee is driving the Client company vehicle, whether owned or rented.
NVT employees are accountable for recording accurate time and attendance information on their weekly timecards. Designated supervisors must ensure time is reported accurately by the 6:00PM Monday due date established by NVT Staffing. If timecards are not approved by the deadline, NVT Staffing reserves the right to automatically approve pending timecards. Discrepancies must be reported to NVT Staffing within 5 business days.
Payments must be paid in full and include the relevant invoice number. Should an invoice number not be provided, NVT Staffing reserves the right to apply the amount towards the most outstanding invoice.
It is understood that the Client company will not entrust NVT Staffing employees with unattended premises, or any party thereof, the handling of cash, negotiable securities or other valuables. It is understood that under no circumstances, will NVT Staffing be responsible for claims made under the NVT Staffing fidelity bond unless such claims are reported in writing to NVT Staffing by the Client company within ten days of the occurrence.
The Client acknowledges the considerable cost incurred by NVT Staffing to recruit, evaluate and maintain the quality control of its temporary employees. Therefore, it is agreed that no NVT Staffing temporary will be employed by a Client company, directly or indirectly, at the time of their assignment or within 6 months (182 days) of the completion of the assignment without paying liquidated damages or an extended time of temporary employment on the NVT Staffing payroll. Liquidated damages and/or time period to be set by NVT Staffing. This agreement shall be determined to have been entered into, be governed by and enforced in accordance with the laws of Virginia; and any legal proceeding involving or relating to this agreement must be brought in Fairfax County or Arlington County, Virginia. For uncollected fees requiring litigation, client shall reimburse NVT Staffing court costs and reasonable attorney's fees. If any part of this agreement is found not to be enforceable it does not invalidate any other part.
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CLIENT: By clicking the ACCEPT button, you are in agreement with all the terms and conditions hereof and that the hours shown are correct and the work was satisfactorily completed. Hours to the Nearest 1/4 Hour
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If NVT receives more than one approved time card for the same assignment neither will be paid. In case of an error you must submit a new time card and call NVT to delete the incorrect time card to avoid more than one approved time card.
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