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I normally do not promote vendors or subcontractors, however, I have a temp agency that we currently use that has provided us with fantastic customer service.



What is important to you?

At NVT Staffing, we realize that in these uncertain economic times, it is as important as ever for organizations to make cost-effective decisions to achieve specific goals. Still, we believe that clients should not have to settle for mediocrity when they consider staffing firms for solutions.

Since 1990, our practice of valuing client priorities has made us a preferred solutions provider. Along the way, we’ve always believed that our best solution is our people.

Whether the client need is for short-term, long-term, or permanent employment, our consistent philosophy has been to present only those employee candidates who are most capable – and eager – to invest full-time efforts that meet client needs.

We also value the significance of matching specific assignments to specialized talent. To do that, we leverage the most effective recruiting practices and technologies available in order to identify and attract the most qualified employee candidates.

Of equal importance, we understand that speedy, individualized attention is mandatory to meet client needs. In everything we do – from personally answering our phones to providing speedy solutions – we demonstrate that what is important to you is pivotal to our success.

To discover how NVT Staffing responds your priorities, please e-mail or call us at 703.761.4357.



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